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Nebraska Football: Garret McGuire praises Marcus Washington



Nebraska football
Mandatory Credit: Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska Football wide receiver Marcus Washington got his feet wet with the program last season after transferring from Texas. Wide receivers coach Garrett McGuire talked about what Washington has been bringing in practice sessions, as the latter looks to have a strong season.

Washington recorded 31 catches for 470 yards and a touchdown last season. He was a productive second weapon and another source of production besides Nebraska wide receiver Trey Palmer. Washington often played as a complementary piece to Palmer’s skill. However, he looks to have a bigger year in 2023.

Last year, his skill was on display a bit. He recorded three catches for 52 yards and a touchdown in the season finale against Iowa. He also recorded a career-high 123 yards on six catches against Georgia Southern last season. There is little doubt the talent is there. He could have a chance to take on a bigger role, as a veteran within the program.

McGuire appeared on ‘Sports Nightly’ on Tuesday with Greg Sharpe. He offered his thoughts on Washington and what he’s been able to bring during practices, as transcribed by Husker247’s Brian Christopherson.

“I talk about just being tough. He’s tough. He’s going to block in the run game. He’s going to be very, very explosive in the pass game. He’s long. He can catch the ball in front of his eyes. He kind of leads that room a little bit when it comes to toughness.”

“He’s locked onto me and kind of hangs on every word I say, which is really, really awesome to see an older guy do that. He’s a smart player. He’s played a lot of football.”

Washington could have sizable role for Nebraska Football

Washington could have a chance to really play a huge role in the offense. Let’s be honest, it was hard to say no to Palmer’s explosiveness last season. Offensive coordinator Mark Whipple and quarterback Casey Thompson made sure to feed the ball to Palmer last year.

Washington was a nice second option, but often times got overshadowed by Palmer. This time around, he could have a chance to establish himself as a major target within the offense, especially due to his ability to run after the catch. With a wide receiving group full of newcomers, he could be the veteran presence that the room needs.

Let’s not be fooled: Nebraska football has some really good receivers coming into the program. Washington could very well still end up being second-fiddle. On a good offense however, that is not necessarily a bad thing.

If anything, this praise from McGuire shows that Washington is very much right in the mix.

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