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Logan Smothers returning would be positive for Nebraska Football



Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska football head coach Matt Rhule left the door open for quarterbacks like Logan Smothers to return and it would be a positive thing.

The quarterback room for Nebraska football went from crowed to parse as three players entered the transfer portal this springCasey Thompson, Richard Torres, and Logan Smothers.

All three players could have had the option to return but Torres has committed to Incarnate Word, which is actually a really smart move on his part, while Casey Thompson seems poised to land at FAU.

I like the move for Torres because Incarnate Word runs a really high-flying offense that showcases the quarterback. Cameron Ward was the starter there a couple of years ago and transferred to Washington State. Torres could play well for a couple of years and have a path back to the FBS as a graduate transfer if he wanted.

Getting on the field is the only way to get noticed and if that’s the best path, it was a smart one to take. Thompson also needs to start. NFL teams will still take a kid from FAU if he can play and Thompson has a lot to showcase.

At the very least, he might be able to make the league as a backup and that’s pretty good work if you can get it. But Rhule did say last night on the Huskers Radio Network that he would be open to any of the quarterbacks returning.

And since Thompson is basically gone, just like Torres, it really felt like he was talking about Logan Smothers.

Why a Logan Smothers return would be a positive

I know I haven’t always been super quick to praise Smothers but I think he’s a college-level starter. I’m certain he could be a quality guy at the FCS level or maybe even a starter for a Group of Five program.

That’s not a knock either. FCS football is really good. So is the G5. That’s why I think if Nebraska football was able to get Smothers back on the roster, it would be a good thing. He’s started a college football game before.

Smothers even had Nebraska in a position to win against Iowa in 2021. Chubba Purdy also provides a veteran presence, but in fairness, he’s always been sort of injury prone. You can say the same about Jeff Sims.

Rhule has talked up the offensive line, yet with the history of the quarterbacks on the roster missing games and the offensive line struggling, having multiple guys start games isn’t just possible — it’s probably likely.

Having another veteran like Smothers wouldn’t be a bad thing. He’d get another year to develop and could enter the portal again next offseason, while the Huskers would add a veteran, for probably just one more year.

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