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Nebraska Football: MJ Sherman excited about future of Huskers



Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska football linebacker MJ Sherman was one of the bigger gets for the program in the transfer portal. The 2023 transfer class was a strong one as the class itself ranked 24th overall per the 247Sports rankings. Sherman was the third-highest transfer in the class, and also the third overall Georgia player to join Nebraska football.

Sherman brings a ton of experience to Nebraska. Two national championships are just the tip of the iceberg for Sherman, who played in 24 games over his three seasons at Georgia. The linebacker had several reasons for choosing the Nebraska football program, and the coaching staff was one of them.

As spring practices continue on, Sherman is beginning to find out where he fits into the Nebraska defense. The 3-3-5 is one that has been talked about quite a bit over the past couple weeks. Players like Sherman and Chief Borders are two transfers in particular that could thrive under Tony White’s defense.

In the meantime, Sherman told reporters on Thursday that Matt Rhule and the coaching staff was one of the main reasons why he committed to the program.  It’s becoming evident that this coaching staff knows how to get through to players, and their message resonated with Sherman. Sherman also recognized that there was an opportunity to succeed at Nebraska , as transcribed by Mike Schaefer of Husker247.

“The opportunity that was here — I mean I’m not trying to be selfish or sound like I’m all about me because I do really want to win games and win bowl games here and bring success here to this facility which is absolutely deserved because of the work ethic of this team — but the opportunity here was pretty convincing to me,” Sherman said. “Plus coach (Matt) Rhule himself was the main person I talked to when I was visiting here , it was coach Rhule, and he said this would be a system I can thrive in and I put my faith in him. Faith, at the end of the day, you can’t touch it, you can’t see it, you can’t taste it, it’s intangible, but you’ve just got to believe in it. I’m still doing it. I’ve seen some good outcomes from it.”

Sherman sounds like the perfect fit for a Nebraska football program looking to rebound and get back to winning and going to those bowl games. Sherman’s speed could help him thrive in this defensive system, especially since the system itself favors athletes.

Sherman is undoubtedly taking a chance on this program and this team. It’s not just about defensive fit either. It appears as though Sherman has the right mindset as well. After what has gone on in recent years, that is certainly positive.

Danny is a Nebraska athletics fan and writer. He also enjoys writing about recruiting in his free time. Danny has been following the Huskers for the last five years. Find him on Twitter @NebCornholio.