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Iowa fans mocking Nebraska football QB Dylan Raiola is objectively hilarious

Some Iowa fans are trying to troll Nebraska football QB Dylan Raiola which is rich given the Hawkeyes history of terrible quarterbacks.



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If there is one thing Iowa fans should never talk about, it’s quality quarterback play. They literally have zero idea of what that looks like, which makes this troll attempt by an Iowa fan of Nebraska football quarterback Dylan Raiola hilarious.

For starters, there’s not a single Iowa fan who wouldn’t jump at the chance to have Dylan Raiola as their starting quarterback. I know the Hawkeyes have Cade McNamara, but after Cade said last offseason he hoped critics would keep calling the Iowa offense “shitty” it turned out to be exactly that on the field.

After spending months pushing back on the idea that he was a game manager, McNamara stunk it up as starting quarterback, completing 51 percent of his passes for the Hawkeyes last season to go along with four touchdowns and three interceptions in five games.

Essentially, McNamara was just as bad as Deacon Hill. There was no discernable difference between the two and if the choice for Iowa was between McNamara and Dylan Raiola, it wouldn’t even be a choice.

Iowa fans wish they had Dylan Raiola and it’s obvious

This Iowa fan posted a few missed throws from Raiola, but literally, his two touchdown passes were throws that I’m not sure any Iowa quarterback in the last decade could have made, McNamara included — which is why Michigan kicked him to the curb for J.J. McCarthy and didn’t think twice.

Iowa would do the same thing if it had Dylan Raiola. So the sentiment from this Iowa fan and others is just their jealousy manifested.

Trust me, Iowa fans know exactly how bad their quarterback room is and the idea of an Iowa fan mocking another team’s quarterback, is, as I said, the height of comedy.

Can’t wait for November.

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