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Joel Klatt on Nebraska football: ‘They could flip this pretty quick’



Nebraska football
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Fox Sports college football analyst talks about Dylan Raiola and why it’s such an important move for Nebraska football.

The signing of five-star quarterback Dylan Raiola by Nebraska football has put the college football world on notice. At the very least, it has folks talking about the Huskers.

One of those people talking about the addition of Dylan Raiola is Joel Klatt, who covers college football for Fox Sports and puts out a podcast on the sport. Klatt is one of the most respected analysts in the game and he came away impressed that Matt Rhule was able to land the No. 2 overall quarterback in the 2024 class.

It’s “tangible” according to Klatt who talked about how the Huskers lost four games last season by four points or less and had 15 turnovers in those games — 13 of them coming by the quarterbacks.

So if you look at the roster, which I would argue will be even better next season on offense — very similar on defense — the quarterback was the missing piece.

Quarterback play held the Huskers back in 2023

If Nebraska football had just average QB play in 2023, the Huskers would have won the Big Ten West. So add a five-star quarterback who many have called a generational talent, and you can see why Klatt believes this is such a big deal, saying of Nebraska, “They could flip this pretty quick.”

“That’s why I talk about the commitment of Dylan Raiola being such a big deal. It’s tangible. It’s tangible for Big Red and if they get better quarterback play at that position and don’t turn the ball over, watch out.”

If Dylan Raiola is the kind of quarterback we all believe him to be, then watch out is right. I just keep thinking about the production of last season’s defense, paired with a five-star quarterback and a bevy of exciting playmakers.

I’ll be honest, it’s hard not to smile.

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