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Nebraska Football coaching salaries are released



Nebraska Football
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Final Salaries Released

Nebraska football released the final assistant coaches salary. $315K for TE coach Bob Wager.  This totals $5,965,000 or $1,035,000 away from the $7m cap that Trev Alberts allocated.  Rhule has added support staff by creating new positions.  It is unclear if the remainder of the $1M is earmarked to compensate for the new positions.  Below are the salaries for the 10 assistants and the strength and Conditioning coordinator.  Looks like the minimum wage is $285K. Last year’s salary pool totaled $5,575,000 or $410K less than this year’s.

OC  Marcus Satterfield $1.4 million.  Made $900K last season at South Carolina.  Mark Whipple made $875K.

DC  Tony White $1 million.  Made $711K last season at Syracuse. Eric Chinander made $850K

STC  Ed Foley $550K.  Last year Bill Busch made $400K.

S&C  Corey Campbell $450K.  Previous Husker S&C coach Zack Duval made $425K

OL  Donovan Raiola $325K.  As the only coach retained from the previous staff, he will make the same as last year.

RB  EJ Barthel $285K.  Bryan Applewhite made $325K.

DB  Evan Cooper $670K.  Last year Travis Fisher earned $450K.

DL  Terrance Knighton $400K.  Last year Mike Dawson made $550K.

WR  Garrett McGuire $285K.  Last year Mickey Joseph made $600K

TE  Bob Wager $315,  Sean Beckton made $450K last year.

LB  Rob Dvoracek $285K.  Last year Barrett Ruud earned $325K.