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Nebraska football head coach Matt Rhule with another viral moment

Nebraska football head coach Matt Rhule had another viral moment on Monday night going on stage with Zach Bryan rocking 1890 gear.



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Nebraska football head coach Matt Rhule is a great football coach. He also seems like a really cool dude and we got another example of that on Monday night.

Rhule, who has had a few viral moments during his Nebraska football coaching career — whether it be for his speeches or his use of social media — he’s been a great ambassador for the program.

Ever since the hire of Troy Dannen as Nebraska’s athletic director, it seems like there has been a stronger initiative to push the 1890 collective and Rhule has talked about NIL in recent weeks, openly.

Well, on Monday night, the Nebraska football head coach was called up on stage by country music singer Zach Bryan, which created another viral moment on X among Cornhusker fans.

Of course, to make things even better, Rhule was rocking the 1890 hat, while singing along with Bryan. You have to admit, that’s pretty awesome. What I love that is that Rhule doesn’t try to create these moments, they just happen.

It’s like when he went to Ainsworth with his staff to watch Carter Nelson play basketball and ended up going to a wedding reception. The man just gets the people of Nebraska. He gets the state of Nebraska and after watching his team during the spring game on Saturday, it feels like Husker fans have good times ahead of us.

I know, singing with a country singer has nothing to do with football. But at the same time, how do you not love Matt Rhule?

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