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Nebraska Football: Huskers DB likes unit’s response to scheme



Mandatory Credit: Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska football is getting a familiar defense with a new twist and defensive coordinator Tony White. Now, we are hearing feedback from some of the players in regards to how it’s going. Quinton Newsome appears to be very happy with the way the defense is progressing, with spring ball now officially wrapped up.

Newsome has been a key part of several Nebraska football regimes. He was recruited under Scott Frost. Despite coaching changes, he seems to have found a home in Lincoln. He has recorded 110 tackles in three seasons with the program.

The defensive back had a breakout season in 2021, when he recorded 57 total tackles and 11 games.

Now, he is going to work under an aggressive Tony White-led defense. This could be a great thing for someone like him, as his aggressive play style could lend well to the versatility of the 3-3-5. On top of that, he is part of the veteran returning unit that should make the defensive transition a little bit easier.

Nebraska Football is installing defense

In the meantime, he is pleased with how the team is taking in the defense, as transcribed by on’s Andrew Graham.

“I would say everybody is very comfortable with the install, all the new things we have going on. Whether it’s the young guys who need to watch more film and get in more with their coaches, that’s not a problem for this team right now. A lot of people are wanting to watch film and learn the things that they don’t know that’s going on. So, I would say if somebody makes a mistake, the next day they’re going to have it fixed,’ Newsome said.

Familiarity and being comfortable with the install are important. Nebraska’s defense left a lot to be desired in 2022. They played a little bit better once Bill Busch took over as interim defensive coordinator. Even still, the defense allowed 414.4 yards per game and had just 21 sacks on the season.

Defensive cohesiveness will be important, as Nebraska looks to make an impact in Matt Rhule’s first year. So far, it sounds like things are going according to schedule. That’s a great thing.

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