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Nebraska Football looking for ways to utilize Heinrich Haarberg



Nebraska football
Mandatory Credit: Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska football is going to make a point to get as many athletes on the field as possible. That was reaffirmed during offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield’s press conference on Wednesday. Satterfield indicated he wants to get Heinrich Haarberg on the field as much as possible, no matter the position.

The former quarterback was out on the field for a play at wide receiver against Minnesota. He caught one pass for 10 yards, and showed off that athleticism. His use at wide receiver was perhaps a bit surprising to some, but it made sense at the same time. The Huskers had been experimenting with him at the wide receiver position during spring practices.

Satterfield indicated that they want to get Haarberg on the field as much as possible, per Husker247’s Brian Christopherson.

Heinrich Haarberg is “just super athletic,” so Satterfield wants ways to have him on the field.

“If he’s not playing quarterback, he doesn’t need to sit over there with us waiting his turn. He can help us in a bunch of different ways.”

A good idea for Nebraska Football

I like this idea, as it allows Nebraska to be able to put the best athletes on the field.  Whatever questions people may have about his skill as a quarterback, there’s no doubt he is a solid athlete. His running ability is extremely evident.

This news is also important, given the fact that Nebraska for is currently banged up at wide receiver. This could allow Haarberg to be able to make an impact in the room. Freshman wide receivers are going to have to step up of course, but having Haarberg potentially in the room is going to be a boost. His speed lends himself to be successful in a variety of ways.

Haarberg has no recorded statistics at the quarterback position. Nebraska football has not really been in a position to put him in any sort of meaningful game action over the years. If utilizing his skills but in different ways is a solution to getting him on the field, this could be beneficial for all involved. He clearly wants to be a part of the program. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have stayed here.

In any event, it’s going to be interesting to see how Nebraska football utilizes him. Although he only had one catch at wide receiver on Thursday, it could be a preview of what’s to come, and reaffirms his athletic capabilities.


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