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Nebraska football is ‘unluckiest’ team in college football



Nebraska football
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There’s no question that Nebraska football could have used better luck this season in its quest for a bowl game.

A couple of years ago, Nebraska football earned the distinction of being the best 3-9 team in the history of college football. Or at least one of the best.

It was extremely frustrating. But also true. The 2021 Nebraska football team was much better than its 3-9 record showed, however, luck can be a real factor in football and it wasn’t on the Huskers’ side that season.

Unfortunately, luck is still not on the side of the Huskers.

You had to hope as a Nebraska football fan that Matt Rhule was going to turn the tide — I still believe that he will — but maybe he needs to look at corrective measures beyond the football field (like an exorcist).

According to Bill Radjewski of, Nebraska football was the unluckiest team in all of college football this season. Based on post-game expectations (what happened on the field outside of the score essentially) Nebraska should have won 8.1 games this season.

Nebraska needs to shed the bad luck

Of course, this won’t surprise any Nebraska fans. The Huskers have made it a habit of losing close games over the past seven years, which is why they have the longest bowl drought of any FBS program (2016).

Nebraska was also 0-5 this season in games decided by seven points or less. What makes that fact even more frustrating is that the Huskers led, or were tied in the fourth quarter in four of those five games and couldn’t find a way to seal the deal.

Call it luck or poor execution or not knowing how to win — call it whatever you want — but that’s something Rhule has to get fixed (close games) in order for the Huskers to finally get back on track.

Call me crazy, but I see having a good quarterback as coinciding with “luck” so the Huskers should try and find the best quarterback possible in the transfer portal.  At least before trying anything supernatural.

Although that time is coming soon.

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